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Dahlia Hill Society of Midland

A couple weeks ago, we visited Midland and the Dahlia Hill Society.  WOW! What a display of dahlias.  All kinds of dahlias.  Amazing colors and textures.  I didn’t realize that dahlias came in so many forms.  I took LOTS of pictures and am just going to present them here in no particular order so you can get a sense of the variety we saw. Click […]

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A Calm Day on the Lake

After a very windy day on Sunday causing white-caps on the lake, Monday afternoon was dead calm.  The lake was perfectly flat.  What a difference a day makes. Here are some photos from the kayak. So, it was another beautiful day to be on the lake. Mark

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Barb’s Garden

OK, it could be Ollie’s garden, but I really think it’s Barb’s garden. Barb – You planted such a nice garden and all your plants look great.  As I was walking around the colony, I saw how nice everything looked and thought it a shame that you don’t get to see your lovely garden in the spring of the year.  So, here are the highlights. […]

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More Signs of Spring

We continue to have warmer then usual temperatures here in southwestern Michigan.  The normal high is in the mid-40s, but today it will be in the lower 60s.  All the snow is gone at my house, even where it was piled nearly 5 feet high along the driveway.  The only snow in the area is where it is piled high in the store parking lots, […]

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Crocuses in Bloom

Today the temperature hit 70 degrees!  It’s only the 8th of March!  I’m loving it. I went for a jog this afternoon and saw the first crocuses of the year.  There is a spot that they always bloom, sometimes pushing up through some remnants of the snow.  However, the warm weather has really knocked the snow down quickly.  I went cross country skiing on Saturday, […]

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Flowers vs. Weeds

When I walk around the dirt roads and paths near here I see lots of blooms.  Are they flowers or are they weeds?  I guess one man’s treasure is another man’s trash, but to me they are all beautiful.  Some are so small you almost miss them if you don’t look closely.  Others are so big you can’t miss them.  Here are a few that […]

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Sleeping Bear Dunes

Memorial Day Weekend – A great time to head Up North and visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We did a couple hikes.  The first was the Empire Bluffs trail with is classic views of the Sleeping Bear.  We then did the Alligator Hill trail with views of both Lake Michigan and Glen Lake.  

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