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Time Lapse Video of Nighttime Clouds

I went out the other evening, hoping to find clear skies full of stars.  The moon was very nearly in the New Moon phase, so I had hopes of perhaps even seeing the Milky Way.  Well, that wasn’t going to happen due to the clouds.  I decided to make the best of the conditions I had and started shooting the clouds.  Here is a short […]

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A Night-Time Time Lapse Video Revisited

Back on April 18, I posted a time lapse video with stars moving across the night sky.  I’ve found a wonderfully simple app to turn all those individual images into a single image that captures the star trails. The really interesting thing about this image, created from the same photos used in the video, is that you can see the different colors of the stars. […]

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Starry Night

About a week ago, while up at OCC, I waited until well after sunset, about 10:30, and walked down to the dock to see the stars.  I was amazed, not at the stars, but at how light it was.  I could still make my way down the dock without the flashlight.  I had to wait about another hour before it was dark enough to really […]

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A Night-Time Time Lapse Video

I stayed up late last night and captured another time lapse video.  This one was after dark with the stars moving through the sky.  These time lapse videos are still a work in progress, so bear with me as I share my progress.

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Venus and Jupiter

View from the kayak while waiting for the full moon.  There were other things to see.

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