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A Couple Hikes

 I took a couple hikes while up at the cabin last week.  Here are some of thee photos. First up, the South Long Lake Forest Trail near the south end of Long Lake.  This is about 1.6 miles in length and mostly wooded.   It is an easy hike with well marked trails. The color was a bit hit or miss, but it was a great […]

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Orchestra Camp Colony in the Fall

I was back up at the cabin last week.  The color has really come on strong in the previous week.  Here’s a few pictures around OCC. Heading down toward the lake is our boardwalk. Looking across the lake makes me wish I hadn’t put the kayaks away.  It would have been a cold paddle, but very pretty. Looking to the north from the kayak area. […]

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Some Fall Color

We were at the cabin last weekend and took a drive in search of fall color.  The color is quite late this year, and may not be very spectacular at this point.  We’ve just now had our first frost of the season, much later than normal.  Oh, well.  Here are some photos of what we did see. We started at High Rollaway.  There was some […]

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Beautiful Clouds

It was a sunny afternoon on the lake.  I took about 160 photos and stitched them together into a time lapse video.  I hope you enjoy it.     Mark

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Polly’s Birthday Paddle

Yesterday was Polly’s birthday.  I had the pleasure to accompany her for an evening paddle.  It was a very calm evening; the water was flat.  The large birds were on display.  Here is some of what we saw. Here is Polly, just heading out. Polly was the first to spot this eagle.  It sat high in a tree watching us and all the surrounding area. […]

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Morning Kayak

The sun came out this morning and we got out on the lake.  At first the winds were calm and the water flat.  We saw a few birds, but it was pretty quiet.  There were more kayaks and paddle boards than motor boats. This kingfisher flitted from tree to tree ahead of us.  They never stand still very long. We caught sight of this eagle […]

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A Blue Sunset

We went over to Esch Rd. Beach the other evening, hoping to see a nice sunset.  It wasn’t spectacular, but I did get some images that I turned into a time lapse video.  It is short, but will remind me of our evening on the beach. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Mark

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Quiet on the Lake

We went out for a mid-morning paddle.  The lake was very quiet.  We had a very smooth surface and very little animal activity.  So, there’s not many animals in today’s photos. The water lilies were in full bloom and had great reflections due to the calm water. The only birds we saw were kingfishers.  This one stopped long enough in the tree so I could […]

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Summer Flowers

After a couple days of storms and wind, it is nice to see the sun shinning.  We have some zinnias and grasses planted in front of the house that were explosions of color this morning.  Here are some of the photos. There was a swallowtail butterfly moving from blossom to blossom. I also saw some kind of moth and a wasp. However, the zinnias were […]

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Flat Waters

It was a beautiful morning to be on the lake.  After a few windy days, the lake was very calm.  We saw a trio of juvenile green herons this morning.  We haven’t seen any green herons in a couple years.  These were clearly young and without the mature coloration.     And, surprisingly, we saw a great blue heron as well.  Not a great photo, but […]

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