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Birds and Turtles (for Barb)

We got out on the lake a week ago (sorry I’m slow at posting these) and saw more birds and turtles, no snakes. It was a good morning to see turtles.  These were on the point across from OCC. These were at the south end of the lake near the Horton Creek inlet.  I think this is a personal record, 18 turtles in one image. […]

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A Calm Morning on the Lake

Thursday morning, July 5.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  I am constantly surprised by how quiet Duck Lake can be.  After all, it is the week of 4th of July, we have a state park on the lake, and it is an all-sport lake.  Yet, at 9:00 in the morning there were only a very few fishing boats and two kayaks, […]

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Kayaks and Herons and Loons, Oh My!

We took an evening kayak paddle around Duck Lake last night.  As the sun was going down the lake lay down very quiet as the wind died down and the boats took to shore.  It was the end of a beautiful day.  So relaxing to be on the water at this time of day.  Here’s a sample of the sight we saw. I did catch […]

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A Calm Day on the Lake

After a very windy day on Sunday causing white-caps on the lake, Monday afternoon was dead calm.  The lake was perfectly flat.  What a difference a day makes. Here are some photos from the kayak. So, it was another beautiful day to be on the lake. Mark

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Trilliums and Other Signs of Springs

  Although these photos are almost two weeks old, I hope you enjoy the signs of spring. The crab apple tree was brilliant again this year.  This tree never fails to impress.  There will certainly be a bumper crop of crab apples this year, lots of sling shot ammo. This barn door with the vines caught my eye as I was headed to a nearby […]

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View at the Lake

It was an overcast morning as I drove to work today.  I stopped at Three Lakes to see what I might find.  I wasn’t disappointed.  There was a pair of Sandhill Cranes with at least one young one.   There were also other birds, red-winged black birds and others I can’t identify.  Does anyone know what the second one is? And lots of weeds. As […]

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