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Rome – Vatican Museums – Ceilings

The Vatican museums contain an amazing collection of some of the most beautiful art in the world.  However, the museums themselves are also outstanding works of art.  This post will focus on the ceilings of the museums.  I don’t have descriptions for most of the photos, but enjoy the beauty. These next images are from the Gallery of the Maps, a corridor 400 feet long. Imagine […]

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Rome – Vatican Museums – Statues

The Vatican Museums originated as a group of sculptures collected by Pope Julius II (1503-1513). The popes were among the first sovereigns who opened the art collections of their palaces to the public thus promoting knowledge of art history and culture. As seen today, the Vatican Museums are a complex of different pontifical museums and galleries that began under the patronage of the popes Clement […]

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Siena – Duomo Museum – Misc

Well, we’ve seen many of the scupltures, a beautiful stained-glass window, and several paintings and icons from this museum.  There are several other areas of the museum that were quite interesting, containing art and artifacts not described above. In one room, there were more than a dozen books of music in the form of chants.   This sculpture, Cristo Risorto, is from 1594. This tapestry […]

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Siena – Duomo Museum – Icons and Paintings

The museum has a large collection of paintings with gold backgrounds, many on wood.  Unfortunately, I don’t have very much info on these paintings, but share them because they are beautiful.  Some have notable cracks and warping due to the instability of the wood over the years. Note that in the image below that the mountains are cut off.  In icons of this type, the […]

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Siena – Duomo Museum – Sculptures and Stained Glass

We had the chance to visit Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, the museum of the cathedral. It contains sculptures, paintings, icons, and many other treasures. As you enter the first gallery, you see a collection of fourteenth-century Sienese sculpture by Giovanni Pisano. The extraordinary marble statues portraying Sibyls, Prophets and Philosophers of antiquity that Pisano sculpted while master-builder between 1285 and 1297.   At the end of […]

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