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Beautiful Clouds

It was a sunny afternoon on the lake.  I took about 160 photos and stitched them together into a time lapse video.  I hope you enjoy it.     Mark

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Around the Cabin

Hello, everyone.  I’ve been away from the cabin for a  few weeks.  Here are some of the photos I took yesterday around the cabin and on the path to the lake. Rose found this Cicada near our cabin.  There haven’t been very many near us, so I took the opportunity to photograph this one. These are some photos of the lakeshore from near our dock […]

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More Fall Color

The fall color in northern Michigan has been spectacular this year.  I took these photos a few weeks ago, and am finally getting them posted.   This first group of photos is at the Grass Lake State Forest Campground located west of Interlochen about 3 miles off the paved road, just off Reynolds Rd.  There were no campers on this cloudy day.  The campground is along […]

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Eagle in the Morning

Another beautiful morning on the lake.  Not much activity, though.  A couple turtles and shore birds, but pretty quiet.  Then I spied this eagle soaring above. Darn!  It was too fast and I was too slow to catch him coming at me.  But, then it circled back … just doing lazy loops over my head. Finally, it flew straight at me overhead. and came in […]

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Fall Colors and Fall Loons

Finally, we have decent fall color at the lake.  Got out in the kayak this morning and were not disappointed.  Although not at its peak, the color is very nice.  Here are some examples. At the south end of the lake, just to the west of Horton Creek. Point just south of OCC The  OCC Shoreline. In addition to the fall color, we three loons.  […]

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Sunny Afternoon at the Lake

A cold front moved through last night, bringing some much needed rain and cleared the air.  Although the weather was heavy this morning, it has cleared up and turned into a sunny, cool, windy day.  There are white-caps on the lake.  Still, this beach chair is waiting for someone to come and enjoy the sun, wind, and waves. I hope you are enjoying this start […]

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Winter has come

We’ve made a couple trips up to OCC this “winter” and still haven’t been able to cross country ski.  Well, there may have been enough snow on New Year’s Day, but we had some chores to take care of and didn’t get out.  I made the trip up again this weekend and saw that the lake is frozen over.  I’ve taken several photos from this […]

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Color on Duck Lake

Although I could hear the wind in the trees, I had to go out in the kayak for just a little bit to see what color was along the lake shore.  I wasn’t expecting great reflections due to the wind, but the colors speak for themselves. And, yes, the colors were really that vibrant.  The sun, just coming over the opposite shore, hit these trees […]

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Labor Day Weekend

So, is summer over?  Or, is this just a day on the calendar like any other?  With the weather over the weekend, I’d say summer is here for a while. I got out for a kayak paddle around Duck Lake again on Sunday morning.  It was a quiet morning, not much in the way of wildlife.  Here are some of the “keepers” from the morning. […]

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Morning on Duck Lake

Saturday was another beautiful morning on Duck Lake in a kayak.  There was almost no wind and the lake was very flat.  There was a paddle-board and a couple other kayaks out there along with a few fishermen.  Oh, and there were these as well. We also saw a single loon and a lone otter, but I didn’t get to photograph them. I have been […]

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