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A Beautiful Evening Kayak

A couple weeks ago, a small group went out on Duck Lake for an evening paddle.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the lake.  Here’s some photos from out tour of the lake. The water was calm, so reflections were great. Here’s Polly headed to the south end of the lake. There were a couple sandpipers along the shore. More reflections of the […]

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Evening Kayak

I don’t usually kayak in the evening, but rather early in the morning.  However, it was such a nice evening that I decided to venture out.  At first, I was disappointed by all the boat traffic.  Far more boats than in the morning.  But the traffic got lighter and I started seeing some wildlife. Couldn’t tell what kind of bird this was, but I liked […]

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Spring at OCC

Here it is, early May.  Last time I was here there was still 2 feet of snow on the ground.  Not any more.  The leaves are starting to come out, flowers are blooming, and today was my first kayaking on the lake for the season.    Here are some of the things I saw this morning. There were also lots of birds. I’ve heard the […]

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