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The Baby Loon and More

Finally got back up to the lake and in the kayak.  It was a pleasure to see the baby loon with Mom and Dad.  It seems to be doing just fine.  Click on each image for a larger view.   Here are a couple more of Mom and Baby.   I also saw three young bucks at the water’s edge.  Their antlers are just filling […]

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Cedar Waxwings

We had a treat outside our window today.  This morning we noticed a group of cedar waxwings eating crab apples in the tree just behind our house.  They would eat for a while, then something would startle them and they would all fly off.  I a few minutes, they’d be back.  We had as many as 6 in the tree at one time. These were […]

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Spring at OCC

Here it is, early May.  Last time I was here there was still 2 feet of snow on the ground.  Not any more.  The leaves are starting to come out, flowers are blooming, and today was my first kayaking on the lake for the season.    Here are some of the things I saw this morning. There were also lots of birds. I’ve heard the […]

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