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Birds of Duck Lake

It was a perfectly calm morning on the lake.  The surface was like glass.  In our kayaks we headed over to the point with all the logs in the water to see the turtles sunning themselves.  However, there were no turtles.  In fact, as we paddled toward the south end of the lake, there were no turtles, no birds, no wildlife at all.  Continuing along […]

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An Evening and Morning Paddle

I was out on the lake Sunday evening and again Monday morning.  Both times of day are wonderful and have their own attraction.  Unfortunately, the water was a bit choppy both times.  However, there was plenty to see on the lake. We did catch another look at the loon family.  It seems that they are all doing well.  I couldn’t get any decent pictures due […]

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Cedar Waxwings

We had a treat outside our window today.  This morning we noticed a group of cedar waxwings eating crab apples in the tree just behind our house.  They would eat for a while, then something would startle them and they would all fly off.  I a few minutes, they’d be back.  We had as many as 6 in the tree at one time. These were […]

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