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More Lake Photos

We got out on the lake for an evening kayak the other evening.  Here’s a few pictures. Although we have seen loons on the lake, we don’t often see a loon in flight.  One flew in from behind us and was quickly out of sight. A pair of loons was fishing near the south end of the lake.  We watched as they dove and resurfaced. […]

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Spring on the Lake

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful up here.  Down state it was raining and 45 degrees.  Up here the sun was shining, the winds were calm, and the temperature was in the low to mid 60s.  What a difference!  What an afternoon to be on the lake! There wasn’t much activity on the lake.  I did see a couple pairs of mallard ducks, one male hooded merganser, […]

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A Beautiful Evening Kayak

A couple weeks ago, a small group went out on Duck Lake for an evening paddle.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the lake.  Here’s some photos from out tour of the lake. The water was calm, so reflections were great. Here’s Polly headed to the south end of the lake. There were a couple sandpipers along the shore. More reflections of the […]

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A Calm Day on the Lake

After a very windy day on Sunday causing white-caps on the lake, Monday afternoon was dead calm.  The lake was perfectly flat.  What a difference a day makes. Here are some photos from the kayak. So, it was another beautiful day to be on the lake. Mark

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The Sights and Sounds of Spring

Spring is full of great sights and sounds.  The song birds are singing their hearts out for us to enjoy.  The loons are calling.  the woodpeckers are pecking.  The frogs are so loud they sound like birds chirping.  And there was the sound of a lonely bagpipe in the woods.  But, since I can’t share all these sounds with you here, I’ll stick with the sights […]

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Quiet Morning on the Lake

Just got back from a morning kayak on Duck Lake.  It was a very quiet morning.  There wasn’t much moving around out there. The waters were pretty calm, just enough of a ripple to provide some nice reflections of the reeds. There were several kingfishers looking for breakfast. There was a pair of green herons on the far side of the lake (the east side). […]

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Saturday Morning Kayak

Another great morning to be in the kayak.  Yesterday was overcast, but the waters were calm.  Here are a few photos. (Click to enlarge)

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Another Guests Post

I just had to share this wonderful image from Jane Shoup.  She took this photo of Duck Lake.  Thanks, Jane, for sharing with us.

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Gull Lake in the Fall

It is finally fall.  And, we finally have a beautiful sunny day so that we can enjoy the fall colors.  On my way to church this morning I drove by the south end of Gull Lake.  The early morning sun brightly lit the trees around the lake.  The water and sky were a beautiful shade of blue.  The mirror-like surface of the lake reflected all […]

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Another Kayak Post

Another beautiful morning on Duck Lake.  Temperatures in the low to mid 60s, just a very light breeze, calm waters.  I saw some interesting things on the lake this morning. It was a great morning to see the fish.  The first one above was a school of a couple hundred inch-long minnows.  They swam around my kayak.  As soon as I would touch the paddle […]

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