Polly’s Birthday Paddle

Yesterday was Polly’s birthday.  I had the pleasure to accompany her for an evening paddle.  It was a very calm evening; the water was flat.  The large birds were on display.  Here is some of what we saw.

Here is Polly, just heading out.

Polly was the first to spot this eagle.  It sat high in a tree watching us and all the surrounding area.


The second and third eagles were close together near the south end of the lake.

We paddled up Horton Creek to the beaver dam.  As we got back to the lake we spotted this heron having dinner.

This odd photo shows the heron catching a fish, its head completely under water.

There was a bit of fall color starting to show up.  Here are some images of the calm water reflections and a bit of color.

This rather abstract image shows the reeds reflected in the water.

Happy birthday, Polly.  Let’s do this again.


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