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Rome – Santa Maria sopra Minerva

The church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva is just behind the Pantheon.  Its most distinguishing feature from the outside is a statue of an elephant with an obelisk on its back.  More on that later.  However, this church contains the remains of Saint Catherine of Siena.  Recall from our trip to Siena that St. Catherine’s head is on display in Basilica Cateriniana San Domenico while her […]

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Rome – Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Basilica of Saint Mary Major) is the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome and it is because of its size that it receives the title “major”.  The earliest building on the site was the Liberian Basilica or Santa Maria Liberiana, after Pope Liberius (352–366). This name may have originated from the legend which recounts that Pope Liberius was told in […]

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Galleria dell’Accademia – Part 4 – Other Works

This final post from the Accademia Galleria will show other works not yet covered.  The first was an unexpected find, another of Michelangelo’s Pietas.  Apparently he sculpted several of these with the most famous housed in St. Peter’s basilica in Rome.   This version does not have the smooth, finished look of the one in Rome, but is still stunning. The gallery contains many beautiful […]

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Art in the Streets of Assisi

There are many interesting pieces of art along the streets of Assisi.  Here are some of pieces I saw along the way. This light fixture was quite unique. One common theme is the Madonna with Child.  All different and all beautiful. Of course, St. Francis is also present. Art is also in the form of fountains. And the iron rings along the walls once used […]

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Assisi Street Scenes – Part 1

We entered Assisi through the Porta Nova, one of the gates of this walled city.   Assisi flourished in Roman times as a walled city.   For many centuries the area inside the walls was large enough to contain the population.  However, due to the population growth in the previous century, a new wall was built in 1316 that had eight gates.  One of those is […]

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