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A Lovely Morning Paddle

We headed out to the lake last weekend with a couple friends from OCC.  Neither had been out yet this year, so it was great they joined us.  Here are some of the things we saw. A pair of ducks feeding along the shore.   This tern was looking for breakfast. The water lilies are magnificent this year.   Lots of shore birds   Even an […]

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Labor Day Weekend

So, is summer over?  Or, is this just a day on the calendar like any other?  With the weather over the weekend, I’d say summer is here for a while. I got out for a kayak paddle around Duck Lake again on Sunday morning.  It was a quiet morning, not much in the way of wildlife.  Here are some of the “keepers” from the morning. […]

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Morning on Duck Lake

Saturday was another beautiful morning on Duck Lake in a kayak.  There was almost no wind and the lake was very flat.  There was a paddle-board and a couple other kayaks out there along with a few fishermen.  Oh, and there were these as well. We also saw a single loon and a lone otter, but I didn’t get to photograph them. I have been […]

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Quiet Morning on the Lake

Just got back from a morning kayak on Duck Lake.  It was a very quiet morning.  There wasn’t much moving around out there. The waters were pretty calm, just enough of a ripple to provide some nice reflections of the reeds. There were several kingfishers looking for breakfast. There was a pair of green herons on the far side of the lake (the east side). […]

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Another great kayak paddle this morning.  Not a lot of action on the lake, but I did see a couple herons, one just around the first point south of OCC, and the other at the very southern bay at the inlet.  There were, as usual, a few turtles as well, but not so many.  Enjoy the pictures. I hope you enjoy the lovely weekend. Mark

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Another Lovely Evening Kayak

Last night was some of the nicest paddling I’ve done in a while.  The water was smooth and the company good.  Five of us formed a flotilla that headed off to the south end of the lake. It was a beautiful evening. Mark

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4th of July Paddle

It’s the morning of Independence Day, 2015.  The sun is up and the wind is calm.  Great time to put the kayaks in the water.  I’ve got lots of pictures to share. This was the first of the white water lilies that I have seen this year. I found a bird that I didn’t recognize.  Some time with “Birds of Michigan” by Stan Tekiela has […]

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A late start

Got out on the lake a bit later than usual today.  I also haven’t posted the photos I took last week, but I guess I’m running late all around.     Anybody know what these are?

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The Morning on the Lake was For the Birds

A beautiful morning on the lake in the kayak.  No wind, bright sunshine, cool temperatures, and even the jet skis were being polite.  I didn’t see many turtles today, but I made up for that with the variety of birds.  I hope you enjoy the photos. This little guy kept flitting out in front me. I’ve seen the kingfishers before, but none had sat still […]

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Heron in Flight

Finally back to the lake after too long an absence.  First thing this morning we made our way to the lake to kayak.  It was a beautiful morning on the lake.  We saw turtles, a variety of birds, including this heron.   As beautiful at herons are standing at the edge of the lake, they are much more so in flight.     I’ll post […]

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