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Back to the Lake

We made it back to the lake last weekend.  It is so good to see all the familiar sights of the lake; the birds, turtles, snakes, water lilies, and all the rest. This post covers three trips to the lake spread over about a week. Click on any image to enlarge it. First up, turtles. The turtles are abundant this year, but some mornings there […]

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Spring (?) at the Lake

We finally got the kayaks on the lake this weekend.  The lake has thrown off the blanket of winter, but seems to be slow in waking up to spring.  It was still good to be on the lake to see what it offers. We chased this pair of merganser ducks most of the way around the south end of the lake.  We would get close […]

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Another Guest Blog

This must be a record, three posts on the same day, so be sure to scroll all the way down to catch all of them. Thank you all for the wonderful comments I got on Jane Shoup’s photo I posted here earlier in the week.  Jane, and her friend Angie Bruntlett, have sent me a few more photos that I think you will enjoy. Angie […]

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Guest Photographer – Jane Shoup

We are all in for a treat today. It is a long post, but I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Today’s post is dedicated to the images of another photographer on Duck Lake, Jane Shoup.  Jane and her husband Ron are on the peninsula of Duck Lake.  Ron called me yesterday to tell me of a great day in the kayak and about all […]

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Another Kayak Post

Another beautiful morning on Duck Lake.  Temperatures in the low to mid 60s, just a very light breeze, calm waters.  I saw some interesting things on the lake this morning. It was a great morning to see the fish.  The first one above was a school of a couple hundred inch-long minnows.  They swam around my kayak.  As soon as I would touch the paddle […]

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Memorial Weekend on Duck Lake

Memorial Weekend was beautiful at OCC.  We got out on the lake in the kayaks one morning while the water was smooth and there was no other boat traffic.  The wildlife we saw came in pairs. A Pair of Turtles Sunning on a Log Another Pair of Turtles Male and Female Merganzer Ducks Merganzers Swimming I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.  

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A Beautiful Morning on Duck Lake

It was another of those quiet mornings on the lake, the surface so smooth.  A good morning for the water fowl as well. This mallard took off right in front of me.  I was fortunate to be ready for the take-off. I also had my first loon sighting of the season, a pair near the south end of the lake.   A trio of merganzer ducks having […]

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