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Flowers vs. Weeds

When I walk around the dirt roads and paths near here I see lots of blooms.  Are they flowers or are they weeds?  I guess one man’s treasure is another man’s trash, but to me they are all beautiful.  Some are so small you almost miss them if you don’t look closely.  Others are so big you can’t miss them.  Here are a few that […]

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Weeds vs. Wild Flowers

Inspired by a blossom just outside my front door, I started looking for other blossoms.  My search took me around the yard and down State Park Hwy as far as Vagabond.  All these photos were in that small area.  Some were very small, some larger, some bright colors, some plain, some were at their peak, and some well past their prime. This is the one […]

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Wild Flower & Fence

Just down the road from where I live is a board fence that separates the roadway from a corn field.  Just an ordinary board fence.  A neighbor keeps the grass mowed between the fence and the road and even plants some flowers.  However, it wasn’t the flowers that had been planted that caught my attention, but the wildflowers growing up through the fence that caused […]

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