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Morning Kayak

The sun came out this morning and we got out on the lake.  At first the winds were calm and the water flat.  We saw a few birds, but it was pretty quiet.  There were more kayaks and paddle boards than motor boats. This kingfisher flitted from tree to tree ahead of us.  They never stand still very long. We caught sight of this eagle […]

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Quiet on the Lake

We went out for a mid-morning paddle.  The lake was very quiet.  We had a very smooth surface and very little animal activity.  So, there’s not many animals in today’s photos. The water lilies were in full bloom and had great reflections due to the calm water. The only birds we saw were kingfishers.  This one stopped long enough in the tree so I could […]

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Flat Waters

It was a beautiful morning to be on the lake.  After a few windy days, the lake was very calm.  We saw a trio of juvenile green herons this morning.  We haven’t seen any green herons in a couple years.  These were clearly young and without the mature coloration.     And, surprisingly, we saw a great blue heron as well.  Not a great photo, but […]

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Calm Waters

We went for an evening paddle yesterday with a good friend.  She hadn’t been out in a couple weeks and, actually, neither had we.  The breeze was dying down and the water was getting calmer.  A great evening for a paddle. We were pleased to see the pair of loons out.     We chased this kingfisher down the shoreline until it decided to fly back […]

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A Lovely Morning Paddle

We headed out to the lake last weekend with a couple friends from OCC.  Neither had been out yet this year, so it was great they joined us.  Here are some of the things we saw. A pair of ducks feeding along the shore.   This tern was looking for breakfast. The water lilies are magnificent this year.   Lots of shore birds   Even an […]

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A Calm Morning on the Lake

Thursday morning, July 5.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  I am constantly surprised by how quiet Duck Lake can be.  After all, it is the week of 4th of July, we have a state park on the lake, and it is an all-sport lake.  Yet, at 9:00 in the morning there were only a very few fishing boats and two kayaks, […]

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Water Lilies and Kingfisher

Another quiet morning on the lake.  We heard the loons this morning and caught a glimpse of them at some distance, but not close enough to a photo.   It is amazing how the lake changes from day to day.  Yesterday morning there were none of the white water lilies that I like so much.  This morning, there were dozens in various places.  Here are […]

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Kayaks and Herons and Loons, Oh My!

We took an evening kayak paddle around Duck Lake last night.  As the sun was going down the lake lay down very quiet as the wind died down and the boats took to shore.  It was the end of a beautiful day.  So relaxing to be on the water at this time of day.  Here’s a sample of the sight we saw. I did catch […]

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Quiet Morning on the Lake

Just got back from a morning kayak on Duck Lake.  It was a very quiet morning.  There wasn’t much moving around out there. The waters were pretty calm, just enough of a ripple to provide some nice reflections of the reeds. There were several kingfishers looking for breakfast. There was a pair of green herons on the far side of the lake (the east side). […]

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4th of July Paddle

It’s the morning of Independence Day, 2015.  The sun is up and the wind is calm.  Great time to put the kayaks in the water.  I’ve got lots of pictures to share. This was the first of the white water lilies that I have seen this year. I found a bird that I didn’t recognize.  Some time with “Birds of Michigan” by Stan Tekiela has […]

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