Flat Waters

It was a beautiful morning to be on the lake.  After a few windy days, the lake was very calm. 

We saw a trio of juvenile green herons this morning.  We haven’t seen any green herons in a couple years.  These were clearly young and without the mature coloration.  


And, surprisingly, we saw a great blue heron as well.  Not a great photo, but I did capture it in flight.

There were a few water lilies open this morning.  

There were very few turtles sunning themselves this morning.  I love the reflection of this one.

We saw our neighbors water skiing.  You make it look so easy.

We followed a kingfisher along the shoreline.  It finally lingered long enough for me to get a couple shots.  The second photo was taken just as it took flight.

Although we heard a loon, we didn’t see one until we were just off our shore.  Here are Mamma and Baby.  Baby is growing.


Its a beautiful day to be on the lake.  I hope you get to enjoy everything that nature presents.


2 thoughts on “Flat Waters

  1. I really enjoyed all your beautiful pictures Mark.Thank you for posting.I do enjoy Mother Nature & all her beautiful artwork & animals of any kind.!

  2. Nice photos, Mark. I just returned from kayaking to the south bay and back, and I followed a great blue heron from “Turtle Point” all along the shore. We have also had one walking through our yard almost every day for the past week or so (probably the same one that Pat Comer has seen). I saw the loon family in the south bay also. Quite a few turtles sunning when I paddled by. When you feel like a long kayaking trip, paddle down to our house.

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