Around the Cabin

Hello, everyone.  I’ve been away from the cabin for a  few weeks.  Here are some of the photos I took yesterday around the cabin and on the path to the lake.

Rose found this Cicada near our cabin.  There haven’t been very many near us, so I took the opportunity to photograph this one.

These are some photos of the lakeshore from near our dock and kayak launch site.  

I like the view looking up into these trees.  We don’t always look up into the canopy.  

This one was taken in a cluster of 4 trees that were so close together there wasn’t room for me, just my camera.

The path toward the boat dock winds along the lakeshore.  

I liked the way the light played on the jagged stump here.

A bit further along there are trees with these roots exposed.  

Back in our backyard, we have a lot of wintergreen growing.  Yes, it smells just like the wintergreen Life Savers candy.

There are lots of green mossy pads scattered throughout OCC.  I wanted to get a close-up of those.

Even closer.

This is a hemlock branch.

The tips of a fern.

Maple leaves caught in the sunlight.

Although these images are of everyday ordinary things, they still show the beauty of nature if we take the time to look for them.  

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Around the Cabin

  1. Loved looking at all of Mother Nature’s Art Work.Your pictures capture it all very nicely Mark.Thank you very much Mark.

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