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More Eagles and a Heron

We were at the lake for the holiday weekend, but didn’t get out onto the lake until Tuesday morning.  I’m really glad we got out.  We were rewarded with not one bald eagle, but two.  And, we got very close to a great blue heron.  Here are the pics. Just as we headed south from the OCC shore, just past the reeds, we found a […]

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Bald Eagle and Red Headed Woodpeckers

It was a bright, sunny morning on the lake.  We had no more than started heading toward the south end of the lake when we spotted the bald eagle in a tall pine tree along the shore.  Unfortunately, it didn’t stay put very long, and I was a ways off when it flew.  I did manage to get a couple photos.   A bit further […]

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Birds of Duck Lake

It was a perfectly calm morning on the lake.  The surface was like glass.  In our kayaks we headed over to the point with all the logs in the water to see the turtles sunning themselves.  However, there were no turtles.  In fact, as we paddled toward the south end of the lake, there were no turtles, no birds, no wildlife at all.  Continuing along […]

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A Beautiful Evening Kayak

A couple weeks ago, a small group went out on Duck Lake for an evening paddle.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the lake.  Here’s some photos from out tour of the lake. The water was calm, so reflections were great. Here’s Polly headed to the south end of the lake. There were a couple sandpipers along the shore. More reflections of the […]

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Calm Evening on the Lake

I was fortunate enough to do two kayak evenings on the lake with Polly, Barb, Laurie, and Pete.  The wind and water were calm.  The sunset was beautiful.  The full moon came up.  Here are some of the photos from these evening cruises. First for some wildlife.  It was a real treat to see the four-point buck white tail deer.  It was along the shore, actually […]

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The Sights and Sounds of Spring

Spring is full of great sights and sounds.  The song birds are singing their hearts out for us to enjoy.  The loons are calling.  the woodpeckers are pecking.  The frogs are so loud they sound like birds chirping.  And there was the sound of a lonely bagpipe in the woods.  But, since I can’t share all these sounds with you here, I’ll stick with the sights […]

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4th of July Paddle

It’s the morning of Independence Day, 2015.  The sun is up and the wind is calm.  Great time to put the kayaks in the water.  I’ve got lots of pictures to share. This was the first of the white water lilies that I have seen this year. I found a bird that I didn’t recognize.  Some time with “Birds of Michigan” by Stan Tekiela has […]

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More from the Lake

Back in the kayak over the last couple days.  I wanted to share some more photos.  There is always something interesting to see on the lake.  Enjoy.         Enjoy Mark

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The Morning on the Lake was For the Birds

A beautiful morning on the lake in the kayak.  No wind, bright sunshine, cool temperatures, and even the jet skis were being polite.  I didn’t see many turtles today, but I made up for that with the variety of birds.  I hope you enjoy the photos. This little guy kept flitting out in front me. I’ve seen the kingfishers before, but none had sat still […]

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Great Weekend at the Lake

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend.  We have waited for warm weather and the long weekend.  Well, we got both this weekend.  Sunny skies, warm and dry weather.  You couldn’t ask for much better than this. Saturday morning started with a kayak ride on the lake.  Lots to see, as usual. There were LOTS of turtles out, sunning on logs. I think this one is […]

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