Quiet on the Lake

It has been warm and dry up at the lake.  We went out in the kayaks this morning and there was not a lot of activity.  However, we did have some great finds.  Here are the photos.

There are yellow irises growing along the shore at the south end of the lake.  Some were past their peak, but others were beautiful.

There were lots of dragonflies.  They were flying all around us.  The only way to capture them was when they landed on a lily pad.  (By the way, there are a few of the yellow ball-like water lilies out there, but none of the white ones.)

There were a few turtles, but not very many sunning themselves today.

I don’t know what kind of bug this is, but it caught my attention as I drifted by.  It was probably 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length.

We found a young eagle sitting high in a tree.  It certainly wasn’t bothered by us paddling by.  We were close and had to back away from the shore to get a decent photo.  It is good to see eagles at the lake.

A friend mentioned to me yesterday that the nesting pair of loons is back and have a nest.  This morning we saw one loon and didn’t see the nest.  I hope they have it well hidden.

Shortly after getting back up to the cabin I spied a spotted fawn in the middle of our back yard.  Once it was aware of my presence it walked quietly to our wood pile behind some trees.  I was able to step out onto the back porch and get the first photo here.  I just stood there watching my every move.  Several minutes later I went out the frond door and around the side of the cabin and got the second photo.  A couple minutes later the fawn quietly walked back into the woods.

So what started out as a quiet day turned out to be quite spectacular.  Enjoy your weekend.


2 thoughts on “Quiet on the Lake

  1. Loved all the pics Mark.You are a super photographer,very unique pics.You are Blessed to be able to enjoy all of God’s beautiful creations.Thank you.!!

  2. Hi Mark, I always love seeing the beautiful photos that you have taken around the lake. The loon nest on the south end of the lake is very well hidden this year, unlike last year when it was very exposed and right on the edge of the water. I checked on it yesterday, and mama (or daddy?) loon was on the nest. I hope we see a little one soon. About two weeks ago, both of the loons were swimming in the bay, and I did see an egg on the nest. Not sure if there was more than one. There are usually eagles in that bay (I saw one mature and three immature ones one day last week), so I hope they don’t interfere with the loon baby. Enjoy your time at the lake.

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