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Color, Reflections, and Things that Fly

Finally got back on the lake this morning after a long absence.  The lake was very flat making for some interesting reflections and easy kayaking. I’ll start with color.  Yes, the color is starting to change up here.  Not very widespread, yet, but you can see it coming. Although the sky was quite overcast when we started, the sun did finally come out, leaving some […]

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A Lovely Morning Paddle

We headed out to the lake last weekend with a couple friends from OCC.  Neither had been out yet this year, so it was great they joined us.  Here are some of the things we saw. A pair of ducks feeding along the shore.   This tern was looking for breakfast. The water lilies are magnificent this year.   Lots of shore birds   Even an […]

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Back on the Lake!

Its been too long.  I’m sorry to have been away so long.  But, it is finally spring at the lake.  These were taken two weeks ago, Mother’s Day weekend.  I hope these are the beginning of a great summer at the lake. Its kind of a photo-dump, but here ya go.   Lots of ducks on the lake.  This one was suddenly in a hurry […]

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Ducks on Duck Lake

Again, I’m more than a week behind, but I did get out on the lake during our last trip north.  There were lots of ducks on the water.  Here’s a few examples.       This is a good time to venture up Horton Creek since the weeds are not growing and the water is plenty high.  It was a very calm paddle up stream […]

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Labor Day Weekend

So, is summer over?  Or, is this just a day on the calendar like any other?  With the weather over the weekend, I’d say summer is here for a while. I got out for a kayak paddle around Duck Lake again on Sunday morning.  It was a quiet morning, not much in the way of wildlife.  Here are some of the “keepers” from the morning. […]

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Morning on Duck Lake

Saturday was another beautiful morning on Duck Lake in a kayak.  There was almost no wind and the lake was very flat.  There was a paddle-board and a couple other kayaks out there along with a few fishermen.  Oh, and there were these as well. We also saw a single loon and a lone otter, but I didn’t get to photograph them. I have been […]

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Signs of Spring

It looks like Spring has come to Orchestra Camp Colony. Driving up on Friday afternoon the woods were spectacular with trilliums.   Although it was a chilly morning, the sun did come out and we hauled the kayaks down to the lake and paddled around the south end of the lake.  The water level is very high.  I was able to kayak right over one […]

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A Beautiful Morning on Duck Lake

It was another of those quiet mornings on the lake, the surface so smooth.  A good morning for the water fowl as well. This mallard took off right in front of me.  I was fortunate to be ready for the take-off. I also had my first loon sighting of the season, a pair near the south end of the lake.   A trio of merganzer ducks having […]

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Spring at OCC

Here it is, early May.  Last time I was here there was still 2 feet of snow on the ground.  Not any more.  The leaves are starting to come out, flowers are blooming, and today was my first kayaking on the lake for the season.    Here are some of the things I saw this morning. There were also lots of birds. I’ve heard the […]

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