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Quiet on the Lake

It has been warm and dry up at the lake.  We went out in the kayaks this morning and there was not a lot of activity.  However, we did have some great finds.  Here are the photos. There are yellow irises growing along the shore at the south end of the lake.  Some were past their peak, but others were beautiful. There were lots of […]

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The Baby Loon and More

Finally got back up to the lake and in the kayak.  It was a pleasure to see the baby loon with Mom and Dad.  It seems to be doing just fine.  Click on each image for a larger view.   Here are a couple more of Mom and Baby.   I also saw three young bucks at the water’s edge.  Their antlers are just filling […]

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Morning Visitor

This morning about 8:45, this Bambi walked across my back yard.  It entered the woods just behind the yard and stopped.  I grabbed the camera, but didn’t want to shoot through the screens in the windows.  So, I carefully opened the back door, waited, then eased the screen door open and slowly stepped out onto the back step.  Fortunately, Bambi wasn’t startled and continued to […]

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Calm Evening on the Lake

I was fortunate enough to do two kayak evenings on the lake with Polly, Barb, Laurie, and Pete.  The wind and water were calm.  The sunset was beautiful.  The full moon came up.  Here are some of the photos from these evening cruises. First for some wildlife.  It was a real treat to see the four-point buck white tail deer.  It was along the shore, actually […]

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The Morning on the Lake was For the Birds

A beautiful morning on the lake in the kayak.  No wind, bright sunshine, cool temperatures, and even the jet skis were being polite.  I didn’t see many turtles today, but I made up for that with the variety of birds.  I hope you enjoy the photos. This little guy kept flitting out in front me. I’ve seen the kingfishers before, but none had sat still […]

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Beautiful Morning on the Lake

It has been three weeks since I’ve been up to the lake.  The colors are starting to show in the trees.  The air is cool and the sun is warm.  It is a little bit breezy, but so bad as to keep us off the lake. There was a heron just to the left of the dock this morning.  It was hidden back in the […]

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A much calmer day

I was back out in the kayak this morning.  The winds had died down and the water was flat, like a mirror.  Beautiful.  Again, I saw Mom and Baby at the south end of the lake.  They were off in the distance, but Mom must have considered me a threat in my red kayak.  She left baby behind, dove under the water, and popped up […]

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Guest Photographer – Jane Shoup

We are all in for a treat today. It is a long post, but I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Today’s post is dedicated to the images of another photographer on Duck Lake, Jane Shoup.  Jane and her husband Ron are on the peninsula of Duck Lake.  Ron called me yesterday to tell me of a great day in the kayak and about all […]

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