Back on the Lake

It was good to be back on the lake this spring.  This particular morning, the water was very smooth. The sun was bright. The sun was warm.  Here are some photos of the morning.

This hawk seemed to have no fear of my paddling close by.

There was no wind and the water was very smooth. 

There were a few shore birds posing this morning.



There are always a few turtles sunning themselves. These were in the cove near the Horton Creek outlet.

And these were across the lake.  So many turtles!


There was a pair of loons feeding near the south end of the lake.



I travelled up Horton Creek to see what I could find. There is now a beaver dam blocking the creek not very far upstream from the lake.  I could hear the water falling over the top of the dam before I saw the dam.  It is about a foot high.



The marsh marigolds were also in full bloom along the creek.  I’ve never seen them on the lake shore, only along the creek.

I loved the colors of the new leaves in contrast to the white birch bark.  This was adjacent to our kayak launch site.

It is great to be back on the lake.  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.


5 thoughts on “Back on the Lake

  1. Great photo as usual. I really liked the photo of the beaver dam. I love going into Horton Creek. Love you guys too. See you in July. ❤️

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