Another Layer of Fresh Snow

We got another inch or so of fresh snow last night. The ice from yesterday starting to fall from the trees, replaced by the snow sticking to all the branches of the trees. Here are a few images from this morning.

Every bush, every tree branch, every weed is covered with a layer of snow.

The bird here doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cold and snow.

This squirrel’s nest is probably more cozy than being outside today.

The birds have already eaten all the poke berries. The remains are highlighted in snow.

The thistles with their white caps.

Here’s a couple paths less taken. They remind me of Robert Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.

More crabapples, just because I like them.

Something has gone for a walk ahead of me.

It is good to get out and see the beauty of this season all around. I encourage you to do so if you can.  May you be healthy and safe this holiday season.


One thought on “Another Layer of Fresh Snow

  1. Very nice pics Mark.I love to walk outdoors now & see all the interesting designs that God creates.I have alot of deer prints in my yard.They enjoy kernel corn I put out for squirrels everyday.

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