New Year Day Ice

Welcome to 2021! In spite of many things we will be glad to put behind us, 2020 had some really good things I am thankful for. I hope each of you can reflect on some of the good from the previous year.

Here in southwest Michigan, the new year brought with it freezing rain followed by snow.  Although that made travel difficult, it left behind some beautiful scenery.  I tried to capture some of that this morning to share with you.

The red berries on this burning bush are covered with ice. 

Each pine needle is encapsulated in ice and then covered with snow.

Ice on the neighbor’s fence.

The fine tendrils on the heads of this ornamental grass show multiple drops of ice on each.

I love the old crabapples hanging on the tree in the winter.

Icicles hang from the holly plants.


Welcome 2021. May this be a good year for everyone.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “New Year Day Ice

  1. You captured the icy scenes beautifully, Mark. I especially like the red berries. Yes, here is to a much better year for all.

  2. So much beauty that our Lord creates for us to enjoy if we take a moment to look & enjoy.
    Thank you Mark for all these nice pictures.

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