Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – Well not Quite

We headed out to the local park last week in hopes of seeing the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  Unfortunately, we live in southwest Michigan where the clouds build in the evening from being near the lakes.  So, just as the sky was getting dark, the clouds moved in.

But, so as to not waste the trip, I got a couple other photos I will share.

Although the sunset itself was not so spectacular, the sky turned to fire as it got darker.  This was about 45 minutes after sunset.

Although clouds moved in, blocking the planets, the moon was visible through some high wispy clouds. 

We made multiple trips to see the conjunction, but each was blocked by the clouds.  But, we can try again in 60 years, March 15, 2080.  That is a ways off, but I’ll only be 125 years old then.  I hope to see you there.


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