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More Signs of Spring

We’ve had a mix of warm, sunny days with cold, rainy days.  In spite of the typical Michigan spring weather, there are signs that spring is here.  The daffodils have come and gone, the tulips are getting close, the flowering crap apples are just starting to blossom.  Here’s a few photos of the spring-time sights around my house.  I hope you enjoy. Mark    

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Cedar Waxwings

We had a treat outside our window today.  This morning we noticed a group of cedar waxwings eating crab apples in the tree just behind our house.  They would eat for a while, then something would startle them and they would all fly off.  I a few minutes, they’d be back.  We had as many as 6 in the tree at one time. These were […]

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Signs of Fall

Although the fall colors aren’t at their peak in southwest Michigan, there are certainly other signs of fall.  The days are much cooler and this morning I saw a few snow flurries in the air.  Nothing much, but still a sign of things to come. While cleaning up some of the yard and moving some firewood closer to the house, I saw this vine along […]

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