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A Bit of Fall Color

We made it back to the north woods this weekend.  I spent yesterday morning in search of fall color.  Although there is some very nice color, it isn’t widespread, just a few trees here and there.  Even without large expanses of color, I had a great time wandering around the dirt roads and small lakes in the area.  Here are a few of my finds. […]

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View at the Lake

It was an overcast morning as I drove to work today.  I stopped at Three Lakes to see what I might find.  I wasn’t disappointed.  There was a pair of Sandhill Cranes with at least one young one.   There were also other birds, red-winged black birds and others I can’t identify.  Does anyone know what the second one is? And lots of weeds. As […]

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Early Morning Fog

Driving to work yesterday morning I passed Three Lakes in Richland.  The sun was just up into the clouds a bit and there was some nice color, so I had to stop and see what there was to see. The clouds were nicely colored by the sun as it was rising over the eastern lake.  If you look closely, you will see a heron standing […]

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