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Beautiful Sunrise

I looked out the window this morning and saw the sky on fire.  The  clouds were a spectacular red.  Here’s a few photos before the sky changed.   But the color started to fade pretty quickly leaving a mix of reds and blues. And then, as if God switched off the display, the colors faded quickly. Mark

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Early Morning Fog

Driving to work yesterday morning I passed Three Lakes in Richland.  The sun was just up into the clouds a bit and there was some nice color, so I had to stop and see what there was to see. The clouds were nicely colored by the sun as it was rising over the eastern lake.  If you look closely, you will see a heron standing […]

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Photographic Trifecta

WOW!  What a morning Friday was.  I was driving to work, going by Three Lakes just outside Richland, and saw a very nice sunrise. So, I had to stop and take a picture of it.  The lake was calm and the sky was beautiful.  I took several more photos , when I turned around to the lake on the other side of the road and […]

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Sunrise on Three Lakes

It was a cool, crisp morning today.  The sun was just coming up, but shining brightly.  Because it was so chilly this morning, only about 40 degrees, the fog was lifting off the lake. The sun was to my back and I couldn’t resist stopping to capture this scene.  I used a manual exposure and focus to keep all photo parameters constant for the 12 […]

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