Starry Night

About a week ago, while up at OCC, I waited until well after sunset, about 10:30, and walked down to the dock to see the stars.  I was amazed, not at the stars, but at how light it was.  I could still make my way down the dock without the flashlight.  I had to wait about another hour before it was dark enough to really see some stars.  Forget about seeing the Milky Way, though.  Just too much light.  Here are a couple photos, one taken looking south and the other northeast toward Traverse City.  Pretty obvious which is which.

Starry Night - Looking away from Traverse City
Starry Night – Looking away from Traverse City

Starry Night - Light PollutionStarry Night – Light Pollution

Then, I took a series of photos to create a time-lapse video with the stars moving through the sky, but decided not to continue it. However, when I got back home and looked at the images, I could see an airplane moving through the sky.  After watching a few times, I could see a second plane.  So here is the 2 second clip.

I’m looking forward to more dark nights getting some star trail videos to share.


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