Dahlia Hill Society of Midland

A couple weeks ago, we visited Midland and the Dahlia Hill Society.  WOW! What a display of dahlias.  All kinds of dahlias.  Amazing colors and textures.  I didn’t realize that dahlias came in so many forms.  I took LOTS of pictures and am just going to present them here in no particular order so you can get a sense of the variety we saw. Click on any image to enlarge it, especially the panorama image at the end.

Oh, and to answer a question up front, no, I didn’t record the names of any of these dahlias.  All the dahlias were labeled, so it would be a great place to “go shopping” to find dahlias you might want to plant.  Or, just go visit to see this spectacular display.

Click on this to enlarge it.  It gives you a sense of how large Dahlia Hill is.

Thank you, Dahlia Hill Society of Midland for this beautiful addition to your community.


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