Napoleon Memorial Day Parade and Celebration

There is something about a small-town Memorial Day Parade that I enjoy, even more so when the Grand Marshall is my 99 year-old father-in-law.  Having grown up in Napoleon, MI, and a member of the Napoleon High School marching band, I participated in many parades.  It is good to see that the parades are much like they were back in the early 1970s.

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Let’s start with the Grand Marshall, George Farr.  George served in the US Army in post-WWII occupied Japan.  He grew up in Michigan Center and has been a long-time resident of Napoleon.

The parade started at the Napoleon Township Park and continued to Oak Grove Cemetery.

Here comes the parade!

Leading the parade is one of the Napoleon Township Police cars followed by the color guard.

Here is the Grand Marshall, George Farr.  The Pontiac GTO is driven by Tim Frey.

Next up is the Napoleon Lion’s Community Band and the Napoleon Lion’s Club.

Girl Scouts, Brownies, and the Savanna Rose Dance Studio.

Military vehicles.

Here come the cars.

Take special note of this 1954 Kaiser Darrin.  There are only about 300 of these cars remaining.  Note the sliding doors.  This is a beautiful car.

First Baptist Church.

The Napoleon High School Marching Band.

At least the band got to go ahead of the horses!  Not always the case back in the early 1970s.

Next were the tractors, carts, and the largest garbage truck I’ve seen.

And, finally, the Napoleon Township fire trucks, EMS vehicles, pick ups, and police.

I’m not sure if this bike was officially part of the parade, but he deserved to be.

The parade ended at the Oak Grove Cemetery with more bands and speeches.  Here’s a variety of photos from the cemetery.

As I said above, I enjoy a small town Memorial Day parade.  Thank you to all who organized and participated in this year’s parade and celebration.  Let us not forget the reason for the holiday, to remember and give thanks to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our great nation.





4 thoughts on “Napoleon Memorial Day Parade and Celebration

  1. Wow, what great images, Mark. It does bring back memories of very warm days for the parade. Yes, we had to dodge horse droppings every single year it seemed. I don’t remember a parade for Memorial Day with so much in the parade!! Congrats to the honor bestowed on George. He looks great!

    1. It was the perfect day for the parade, warm, sunny, breezy. We probably don’t remember much of the parade back then because we were in it. Hard to watch it when we were in the band.

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