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Meijer Gardens – Part 2

Continuing our tour of Meijer Gardens.  Fortunately, the web site for Meijer Gardens ( has many sculptures identified and I will be using that help to identify the photos I share below.  I recommend that you visit their site for further descriptions of these sculptures.  Unfortunately, I can not identify all the photos I’m sharing. Neuron by Roxy Paine is made of stainless steel.  The […]

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Meijer Gardens – Part 1

Rose and I visited the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids about 2 weeks ago.  We missed the butterfly exhibit by a couple weeks, but were still impressed with all we saw.  It had been many years since we had been there and there are several new sculptures and gardens.   I can’t do justice in describing all the sculptures we saw, but I’ll give some […]

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May Flowers

Well, we’ve had our April showers, even into May, so it’s time for May flowers.  Here’s a few examples from near where I live. Our crab apple trees never fail to amaze with their blossoms.  However, this year, there are just as many blossoms, but the the leaves came out early and have hidden some of the blossoms.  Not to worry, there will be plenty sling […]

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Signs of Spring

I’m a bit behind with my posts, but I wanted to share these signs of spring from a couple weeks ago.                 I hope you are enjoying spring where you live. Mark

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Snow in April

What ever happened to the expression about April showers bringing May flowers?  Well, I think Mother Nature got a bit confused today.  It is April 6 and the showers we got were snow showers.  There were some nice signs of spring yesterday with the Forsythia in full bloom and the daffodils starting to blossom, too.  Here’s the view as of this morning.       We […]

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Beautiful Sunrise

I looked out the window this morning and saw the sky on fire.  The  clouds were a spectacular red.  Here’s a few photos before the sky changed.   But the color started to fade pretty quickly leaving a mix of reds and blues. And then, as if God switched off the display, the colors faded quickly. Mark

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Time Lapse Video of Nighttime Clouds

I went out the other evening, hoping to find clear skies full of stars.  The moon was very nearly in the New Moon phase, so I had hopes of perhaps even seeing the Milky Way.  Well, that wasn’t going to happen due to the clouds.  I decided to make the best of the conditions I had and started shooting the clouds.  Here is a short […]

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Snow in the Back Woods

Well, the groundhog has rendered his decision; six more weeks of winter.  Around here, that would be a good thing, only 6 more weeks.  But, who are you going to trust with your weather forecast, the weatherman, or a groundhog? After a very mild January, we got snow again.  It wasn’t a lot of snow, but enough to make everything white and clean again.  I […]

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A bit more fall color

Here in the Kalamazoo area, we are still a bit short of peak color.  I took a drive west of town Monday with my mom and saw some beautiful trees, but not the wide-spread color that is (hopefully) yet to come. However, here are some photos I took on a short walk near my house. The color is later this year than usual, so keep […]

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Summer Flower Gardens

With the peak of summer upon us, I needed to photograph some of the summer flowers, butterflies, and birds in the gardens around our house.  But first, I’ll start with this cardinal that I heard singing in the top of a pine tree.  He is the reason I got the camera out in the first place. I chased this bee all across the flower garden […]

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