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More Signs of Spring

We continue to have warmer then usual temperatures here in southwestern Michigan.  The normal high is in the mid-40s, but today it will be in the lower 60s.  All the snow is gone at my house, even where it was piled nearly 5 feet high along the driveway.  The only snow in the area is where it is piled high in the store parking lots, […]

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Crocuses in Bloom

Today the temperature hit 70 degrees!  It’s only the 8th of March!  I’m loving it. I went for a jog this afternoon and saw the first crocuses of the year.  There is a spot that they always bloom, sometimes pushing up through some remnants of the snow.  However, the warm weather has really knocked the snow down quickly.  I went cross country skiing on Saturday, […]

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Three Days in the Woods

Last time I wrote, I showed the woods behind my house in a heavy fog.  Today, I’ll show more or less the save view on two other days. Here is the foggy view.   Then, the snows came.   And the sun came out the next day.   So many different views depending on the day.  

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A Gray Day

It has been a mild winter here in southwest Michigan so far.  What little snow we’ve had is all but gone after some unseasonably warm temperatures (upper 40s!) and a bit of rain.  Where there is a bit of snow we have some fog.  I couldn’t resist going out and taking a few photos for you today.  These were taken in my backyard.     […]

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First Snow, then Sunshine

We’ve been under a Winter Weather Advisory for the last couple days.  We have had very cold temperatures with wind chills near -10 degrees, but not so much snow.  What snow we got was very fine.  But, this morning the sun came out and it was beautiful.  Here are a few pictures from our back yard.                  

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Beautiful Sunset

Last Thursday evening I was  out for a jog and saw this beautiful color in the sky.  We have been having unseasonably warm weather and some very nice sunsets.  I did manage to get home and get some photos of the sunset before it faded.  This is a panorama taken from the edge of our property looking out over the fields.  Like all the photos […]

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Signs of Fall

Although the fall colors aren’t at their peak in southwest Michigan, there are certainly other signs of fall.  The days are much cooler and this morning I saw a few snow flurries in the air.  Nothing much, but still a sign of things to come. While cleaning up some of the yard and moving some firewood closer to the house, I saw this vine along […]

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Hawks Have Moved In

Our yard has recently  become a playground for several hawks.  We have 3 or 4 of these large birds living in our trees, swooping from tree to tree, terrorizing the other birds and small animals.  They are beautiful, though.  Does any one know what kind they are? Mark

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View at the Lake

It was an overcast morning as I drove to work today.  I stopped at Three Lakes to see what I might find.  I wasn’t disappointed.  There was a pair of Sandhill Cranes with at least one young one.   There were also other birds, red-winged black birds and others I can’t identify.  Does anyone know what the second one is? And lots of weeds. As […]

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Early Morning Fog

Driving to work yesterday morning I passed Three Lakes in Richland.  The sun was just up into the clouds a bit and there was some nice color, so I had to stop and see what there was to see. The clouds were nicely colored by the sun as it was rising over the eastern lake.  If you look closely, you will see a heron standing […]

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