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Time Lapse Video of Nighttime Clouds

I went out the other evening, hoping to find clear skies full of stars.  The moon was very nearly in the New Moon phase, so I had hopes of perhaps even seeing the Milky Way.  Well, that wasn’t going to happen due to the clouds.  I decided to make the best of the conditions I had and started shooting the clouds.  Here is a short […]

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Snow in the Back Woods

Well, the groundhog has rendered his decision; six more weeks of winter.  Around here, that would be a good thing, only 6 more weeks.  But, who are you going to trust with your weather forecast, the weatherman, or a groundhog? After a very mild January, we got snow again.  It wasn’t a lot of snow, but enough to make everything white and clean again.  I […]

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A bit more fall color

Here in the Kalamazoo area, we are still a bit short of peak color.  I took a drive west of town Monday with my mom and saw some beautiful trees, but not the wide-spread color that is (hopefully) yet to come. However, here are some photos I took on a short walk near my house. The color is later this year than usual, so keep […]

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Summer Flower Gardens

With the peak of summer upon us, I needed to photograph some of the summer flowers, butterflies, and birds in the gardens around our house.  But first, I’ll start with this cardinal that I heard singing in the top of a pine tree.  He is the reason I got the camera out in the first place. I chased this bee all across the flower garden […]

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Day Lily Time Lapse

I noted the other morning that the day lilies tended to open in the morning and close in the evening.  I wondered if I could capture that opening through a time lapse video.  My first attempt was either too late in the morning or these particular blossoms didn’t behave that way.  However, it was interesting to see a slug moving at warp speed.  Can you […]

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Trilliums and Other Signs of Springs

  Although these photos are almost two weeks old, I hope you enjoy the signs of spring. The crab apple tree was brilliant again this year.  This tree never fails to impress.  There will certainly be a bumper crop of crab apples this year, lots of sling shot ammo. This barn door with the vines caught my eye as I was headed to a nearby […]

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Sunset at Three Lakes

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny, clear skies, warm, just what spring should be.  After spending a wonderful afternoon and evening with a good friend, I wandered down to Three Lakes to see the sunset.  Although the sun had already set, there was some nice color in the sky.  There was a lot of activity at the lake with red-winged blackbirds on the shore, ducks in […]

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More Signs of Spring

We’ve had a mix of warm, sunny days with cold, rainy days.  In spite of the typical Michigan spring weather, there are signs that spring is here.  The daffodils have come and gone, the tulips are getting close, the flowering crap apples are just starting to blossom.  Here’s a few photos of the spring-time sights around my house.  I hope you enjoy. Mark    

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Cedar Waxwings

We had a treat outside our window today.  This morning we noticed a group of cedar waxwings eating crab apples in the tree just behind our house.  They would eat for a while, then something would startle them and they would all fly off.  I a few minutes, they’d be back.  We had as many as 6 in the tree at one time. These were […]

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First Try at Time Lapse

I have enjoyed watching a variety of time lapse videos on Vimeo.  Here is an example of one.  I have downloaded some software that helps create these videos.  Take a look at my first attempt.   So, some technical details.  I took a photo of my back woods every 10 seconds for 45 minutes while the sun came up to the right.  I like the […]

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