Meijer Gardens – Part 2

Continuing our tour of Meijer Gardens.  Fortunately, the web site for Meijer Gardens ( has many sculptures identified and I will be using that help to identify the photos I share below.  I recommend that you visit their site for further descriptions of these sculptures.  Unfortunately, I can not identify all the photos I’m sharing.

Neuron by Roxy Paine is made of stainless steel.  The metal used is recycled, some from pharmaceutical laboratories.  The original markings can still be seen on some of the material.


Scarlatti by Mark di Suvero


Aria by Alexander Liberman


Spider by Louise Bourgeois


Mirage I and Mirage II by Elisabeth Frink


Grand Rapids Arch by Andy Goldsworthy


Eve by Auguste Rodin


Plantoir by Claes Oldenburg


Lying Man by Sean Henry


Summer Dance by Barbara Hepworth


One of the figures from I, You, He, or She by Jaume Plensa


Two Indeterminate Lines by Bernar Venet


Julia by Keith Haring


Large Parrot Screams Color by Jim Dine


Number 26 and Number 25 by Hanneke Beaumont


Woman and Bird by Joan Miro


Torso of Summer by Aristide Maillol




Didn’t we all try to learn this way in school?



The Grain by Germaine Richier


Standing Woman by Ossip Zadkine


Iron Tree by Ai Weiwei



Whew!  There is a lot to see here, and I haven’t even started showing the Japanese Garden or the Children’s Garden.  I guess those will wait for another day.

Thanks for following along on this tour of Meijer Gardens.  I hope you will all go visit them soon.


6 thoughts on “Meijer Gardens – Part 2

  1. Thanks again for the great tour Mark,I love all your pictures.!!
    Some of them I have seen and enjoyed.!!

  2. Amazing pieces of art! Totally love the red garden trowel. I think I’d like to grow Morning Glories up those spider’s legs . . .

    1. The garden trowel (Plantoir) was hard to capture and still give a sense of scale. Plant your morning glories, but leave a gap in the back where you can sneak in and hide. Put a small bench in there to sit on and relax in the shade.

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