Meijer Gardens – Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is one of the new features since we had last been to Meijer Gardens.  The garden was designed by Hoichi Kurisu and the firm Kurisu International and was opened to the public in the spring of 2015.

As per the custom of Japanese gardens, visitors are invited to wash their hands before entering.


There are a number of large pieces of granite inscribed with short poems.  

For the Garden by Jenny Holzer.  


And, although not carved into granite, this was inscribed on a nearby bench.

The gardens are built around a large pond.


Within the gardens are numerous sculptures.

Four Open Squares Horizontal Gyratory-Tapered by George Rickey


Long Island Budda by Zhang Huan


It will Continue to Grow Except at that Point by Giuseppe Penone


There are also waterfalls …


and bridges …

The Zig-Zag Bridge



There is much more to see in the Japanese Garden that I didn’t capture here including a tea house, numerous bonsai trees, and a zen-style garden.  The Japanese Garden alone is worth the price of admission.


One thought on “Meijer Gardens – Japanese Garden

  1. love the tree growing with the hand in it. reminds me of an image I saw quite some time ago ~ a young man left his bicycle leaning against a small tree when he went off to WWI ~ he never returned home, but the tree grew around the bicycle and will always be held in that place.

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