Meijer’s Gardens – Children’s Garden

There is one garden at Meijer’s Gardens that is for the kids.  Yes, there were a lot of kids there, but it was fun for adults, too.



One area is meant to get kids to explore their five senses.









and Tasting


The Human Sundial


This water feature is a map of the Great Lakes.  Kids can float a boat from Lake Superior or Lake Michigan all the way down to Lake Ontario.


Just outside the garden is a great statue called Mad Mom.  Why would they put that so close to the Children’s Garden?

There’s a lot more in the children’s area that we didn’t take the time to see.

So, that wraps up our visit to Meijer  Gardens.  There is so much to see there.  I highly recommend that you put on a comfortable pair of shoes and visit.  Walk around the sculptures and try to guess what they are called before reading the signs.  


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