Eclipse Time Lapse Video

I photographed the eclipse yesterday at a near-by park.  My goal was to take a photo every minute and make a time lapse video.  Well, the clouds interfered with the first few minutes and then intermittently after that.  However, I did manage to put something together.  I’m sorry it is a bit jittery, but the clouds did interfere some.



4 thoughts on “Eclipse Time Lapse Video

  1. Will share w Ted who patiently waited as NASA site was freezing up and he was disappointed. Once again you help us see things we would ordinarily miss.

    1. Thanks, Barb. I hope he enjoys the images. I didn’t watch any of the news coverage since I was out in the field for about 5 hours setting up and taking photos. I took one picture every minute and got about 150 images that went into the video. The flicker in the video is due to clouds that partially blocked the sun.

    1. We had cloud cover starting an hour before the eclipse started that lasted until 15-20 minutes into the event. I had my doubts, but it cleared enough for me to get these shots.

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