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I received a message a while back from Ralph Conde who is working on a website  He has visited about 80 of the churches in Rome over the last 10 years and has posted descriptions and photos of each.  He had seen my blog post from Santa Maria in Transpontina and wanted to use some of my photos.  After looking at his site, I was glad to be associated with the site.  I wish I had found his site before our pilgrimage to study up on some of the churches.  When I was in Rome, we visited 9 churches in the course of 3 days.  Ralph has been able to spend far more time, spending 3 days at Santa Maria Maggiore alone!  What a luxury to be able to spend that kind of time.  

I encourage you to visit his site and look around at the many beautiful churches in Rome.  The list is by no means complete, but I have found it to be quite addictive looking at the photos and reading the descriptions.  So, take a virtual tour of the Churches of Rome.


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