Evening Rainbow on Duck Lake

Rose and I were headed back from an outdoor concert in TC.  The rain held off for us, but it looks like Interlochen got a nice shower.  When we got to the light at US-31, we saw a rainbow in the sky.  (OK, so where else would it be but in the sky?)  I rushed home, ran down to the lake with my camera hoping I was in time to catch a nice photo.

Evening Rainbow on Duck Lake
Evening Rainbow on Duck Lake

I made it.  I was able to take a few shots before it vanished and had to share.  I took the shot at 9:22 and am posting by about 9:45.



7 thoughts on “Evening Rainbow on Duck Lake

  1. Great shot, Mark. Good timing on your part. I would love copies of a few of your pics. Any chance of that? I’m happy to pay.

    1. Thanks, Mara. We certainly can work that out. Let’s chat about what you have in mind. Send me an e-mail, give me a call, or stop by.

    1. Thanks, Chris. It looks like you’re just down the lakeshore a bit from us. Thanks for following.

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