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Vatican City – Audience with Pope Francis

We woke up early Wednesday morning (about 5:30) so we could get to St. Peter’s Piazza for the General Audience with Pope Francis.  After a quick breakfast, we headed out into the cool, sunny morning.  It was a great day to wait for the pope. We approached the colonnade at the edge of the piazza, the lines were already forming.  We had to get through […]

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Rome – Evening Scenes

The evenings came early in Rome in November, long before time for dinner.  On our first evening in Rome, I stepped out of the hotel, walked 2 blocks, and had this view of St. Peter’s. I also found this stained glass window, but unfortunately, don’t remember where it was other than near St. Peter’s. Our second evening, we stepped out onto the street and saw […]

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Rome – St. Peter’s Basilica Interior

During Nero’s great Christian persecution in 64 A.D., Saint Peter was martyred, crucified, and buried in Caligula’s Circus.  After Constantine’s Edict of Milan (313 A.D.) Christians were allowed to construct places of worship. Constantine himself authorized the building of the Basilica of Saint Peter in 324. It was intended to enclose Peter’s tomb, the center of the structure.   When the Popes abandoned Rome during […]

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