A Gray Day

It has been a mild winter here in southwest Michigan so far.  What little snow we’ve had is all but gone after some unseasonably warm temperatures (upper 40s!) and a bit of rain.  Where there is a bit of snow we have some fog.  I couldn’t resist going out and taking a few photos for you today.  These were taken in my backyard.

Drops on Pine Needles
Drops on Pine Needles


Rain Drops
Rain Drops


The Woods through Fog
The Woods through Fog





There is some precipitation coming this week, but we will likely be on the rain side of the front.  But, Interlochen should be getting more snow.  We hope to be up there next weekend for some cross country skiing.

I have to remember that although the weather this weekend has felt like March, it is still January.  I’m sure there is more winter to come.


8 thoughts on “A Gray Day

  1. Hello Mark. Beautiful pictures. You have a wonderful “eye” for details and beauty. We will miss you but we wish you the best of luck with your new adventure. Take care. Marianna

  2. Mark – as always, I envy your “eye” for the perfect picture…. Keep the pics coming….

    We are having a mild winter so far too…. 66 today and yesterday too… calling for long walks with Polly!

    See you in just 4 months!!! Celia

  3. wonderful water drops on the pine needles ~ have not been to our cabin since Christmastime ~ we need to stick close to home to see how the peeps work out at Claire’s ~ hope to get up there soon. . . who knew, I’d miss the snow?

    1. thanks. I love the way those drops hold on. It was such a light mist yesterday that the drops held on pretty well.

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