Trilliums (late post)

I took these photos of trilliums a couple weeks ago and am just getting around to post them.  As I stated in an earlier post, they were really spectacular this year.  I’ve never seen them so thick and wide-spread.  I posted a couple of these earlier, but here is a more complete set.


























Which one is your favorite?











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  1. Hi Mark,
    Love your photos. I think I like #8 the best. We had exactly one trillium in bloom in our yard. I don’t recall seeing it before, but I may have not been there at the right moment to observe it. We had a great weekend at the lake. Ron and Craig had success fishing, catching another pike, lots of rock bass and a few bass once the season opened on Saturday. We had a noisy group of 8 swans near our house most of the weekend, in addition to two geese families with young. We also had five gar swim right under our dock. Every now and then they swam around and around in circles. Not sure what that behavior indicates. Saw bald eagles a few times in different places, including flying right over our house. We have loons in our bay and also saw a pair in the north bay. Hope they are successful at nesting again this year. I plan to head back to the lake late next week to spend a couple months. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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