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Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Sorry for the long delay, but here are the remaining photos from our trip to Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel.  We got an early season discount that included our lodging, dinner and breakfast, and tours at the fort and art museum.  But, before we get there, I have to share a sculpture I saw on the way to the Grand Hotel. OK, no surprise […]

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More from Mackinac Island

Although the ferry ride to the island was quite chilly (we rode on top so we could get the best views), the day was sunny and beautiful on the island.  We got off the ferry and walked up Main St.  No cars, so transportation is by bicycle or horses.  There are some commercial ferries loaded with semi trailers full of products for the island, but […]

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A Trip to Mackinac Island

I hate to admit it, but, I had never been to Mackinac Island before this spring.  Why?  I’ve no idea other than it never floated to the top of my to-do list.  Rose got a great “early-season” deal at the Grand Hotel, so we decided we needed to do it. We had to get up at about 5:00 in the morning to drive to Mackinaw […]

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