Perseids Meteor Shower

Rose and I went in search of the meteor shower last night.  We went to the Interlochen State Park boat launch on Green Lake and sat on the dock.  We had moderate success.  We saw about 5 in an hour.  We were looking southwest, perhaps not the best direction, but that was where the sky was the darkest.  Northeast points us directly at Traverse City with lots of light pollution.  Here is a composite photo of the meteors we saw.

Perseid Meteors
Perseid Meteors

We were happy to see the Milky Way with our eyes, not relying on a camera to capture it.  The Big Dipper was very clear.  We don’t often take the time to look up that late at night (11:00 PM) to see the sky.  

I hope you can get out some evening and enjoy the meteors before they are gone.


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