Baby Loon is Growing Fast

It was another beautiful morning to be on the lake.  Just as I got into the kayak, mamma loon started calling and dancing to distract me from the young one.  I just sat in the kayak with the camera capturing the beauty of the show.  Here’s some of the photos.

In this shot, you can see the chick as the blurry black spot behind the adult loon.  The baby was lurking not far away.

I shot a video of the loon, but am having trouble getting it posted, so I will try to post it later.

Here is the baby; growing up quickly.  It still has the brown coloration, but is getting larger every time I see it.

Here is a robin high in a tree some tasty morsel.

This was one of lots of water lilies at the south end of the lake.

This northern flicker was beautiful, posing on this dead limb.  I love the read, yellow, and black highlights.

So, there you have it.  Another great morning on the lake.  


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