Yesterday’s Kayaking

We got on the lake in our kayaks again yesterday, but rather than going out early (temps in the 30s) or late (winds pick up) as we usually do, we went out at high noon.  The water was still pretty calm except for the water skier, but that wasn’t too bad.  Here’s a few photos from our trek.

It was one of those days with beautiful blue skies and very few clouds.  I liked the contrast between the dead branches and the sky.

There were very few birds on the water at that hour, but I did see a pair of Mallard Ducks.

Along the shore there were several grackles.


And, it seems that there are turtles out at any time of the day.  This photo from near the south end of the lake broke my previous record of the number of turtles on a log in a single shot.  I count 24!  See if you can find them, or maybe I missed some.  Click on the photo to show full size.

Even though I wasn’t expecting much in the way of wildlife at that hour, there was plenty to see.  It was also just a good paddle around the lake.

Happy Memorial Day.  Let us always remember and thank those that fought for our country and never made it home.