Trip up Leelanau Peninsula

I set off in search of cherry blossoms yesterday afternoon.  I found them, and so much more.

Just north of Cedar there were an old house and barns, next to Holy Rosary Church.




Just a bit further north, I found the cherries.  They were beautiful.  It was hard to get a broad perspective, so I shot close-ups of the blossoms.








Just around the corner, I saw some trilliums.  There were trilliums all through that area, but for some reason I stopped at this place and saw something I had never seen, a verigated trillium.



They were scattered through the regular white variety and quite varied with different widths of green bands on the petals.

Then, a bit further along, I was these marsh maragolds growing along side the marshy roadside.




So much to see and enjoy.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Mark. I have seen a woods full of the varigated trillium near the lighthouse on Old Mission. Worth a trip to photograph.

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