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Christmas Cove Farms

Rose and I drove to Northport Saturday specifically to find the Christmas Cove Farms.  They specialized in heirloom apples, all those apples that aren’t grown commercially any more, if they ever were.  In addition to the apples, they have a collection of over 10,000 pop bottles that line the walls and lots of metal signs hanging from the rafters.       The woman working there […]

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Baby Loon is Growing Fast

It was another beautiful morning to be on the lake.  Just as I got into the kayak, mamma loon started calling and dancing to distract me from the young one.  I just sat in the kayak with the camera capturing the beauty of the show.  Here’s some of the photos. In this shot, you can see the chick as the blurry black spot behind the […]

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New Duck Lake Resident

Let’s give a welcome to Duck Lake’s newest resident, Baby Loon!   This photo was taken by our good friend on the peninsula, Jane Shoup.  We have both seen Momma Loon on the nest, but Jane was fortunate enough to catch a shot of the new family.  Thanks for sharing, Jane. I’m doing this post while on the road with my tablet, so bear with […]

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More Scenes from Northwest Michigan

Yesterday I posted some photos of the trilliums and other wildflowers from the Sleeping Bear area a couple weeks ago.  Today I’ll share some of the other things from that outing. I had read that there was a covered bridge just north of Lake Ann, but had never seen it.  Well, I found it.     Here are some views of the trail and from […]

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Lots of Trilliums and other Spring Wild Flowers

I was hiking in the Sleeping Bear area of northwest Michigan a couple weeks ago and saw lots of trilliums and other spring flowers.  They were wide-spread throughout the park.  Here are some of the photos from the trip.             There were other wildflowers, too.           All of these were growing on a trail to Lake […]

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So Many Stars

Last Friday night up at Duck Lake, the sky was very clear and there more stars than I’ve seen in a long time.  I had to get some photographs of them.  Here I present them in three formats. The first is a simple photo of the stars.  Click on the image to see larger. The second way is as a time-lapse of the stars moving […]

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Seven Bridges

There is a small nature area on Valley Rd about 3 or 4 miles east of Rapid City, MI, called Seven Bridges.  The Rapid River divides into several small streams that flow through the area.  There are several bridges across these streams, but I have not found seven of them.  However, it is a wonderful place.  It has always been cool and quiet in the […]

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Hiking Around the Sleeping Bear Dunes

Last weekend I visited a few places around the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in the areas near Empire and Glen Arbor.  Even in the winter, this is a beautiful place. The first stop was along the Platte River, just before it empties into Lake Michigan.  At the end of Lake Michigan Road is a parking lot with access to the river and Lake Michigan.  There […]

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High Rollaway

I think we hit the peak color in NW Michigan last weekend.  Although the color wasn’t as vivid as in some years, it was still beautiful.  We made a trip to High Rollaway to the overlook of the Manistee River.  We hiked the North Country Trail in both directions a short ways, but this is the best vantage point. There were many more great views, […]

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Something to Whet your Appetite

We are starting to get some color in the north Michigan woods.  It is just a few trees here and there, nothing wide-spread, yet.  It’s coming.  It will be here soon. But, just to whet the appetite, here are some photos from last weekend’s tour through the woods. I hope to get back up there in a couple weeks and see spectacular color.  I hope […]

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